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Why Choose a
Heat Pump Hot Water System?

Heat pump hot water systems offer many benefits over that of traditional water heating systems. 

Read below to understand these key advantages:



Energy Efficiency:

  • Heat pump hot water systems are far more energy efficient than traditional hot water systems. Heat pumps transfer heat from the air to heat the water, and do not generate heat by directly burning a gas fuel source or by heating a traditional heating element. As a result heat pumps achieve more with less, heating your family’s home with substantially less energy usage.

Cost Savings:

  • Higher efficiency results in lower energy bills for every day Australians. As heat pumps run off of electricity they do not require gas to be connected at the home. Heat pumps are allowing our clients to electrify their homes, ditching gas and the connection fees that come along with it. Federal and Victorian Government Incentives:
    There are generous rebates available from Federal and Victorian State Government. 
    These rebates come in the form of


    -Solar Victoria rebates

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The Benefits of Heat Pump Hot Water

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As a Solar Victoria approved retailer and installer Addison Appliances can offer rebates from all three governing bodies:

  1. Solar Victoria rebates

  2. STC rebates

  3. VEEC rebates

"You could potentially be approved for rebates from all three bodies resulting in significant savings on your heat pump purchase and installation."



  • Does not require a gas connection:
    As heat pump hot water systems run off electricity and not natural or LP gas they can be installed in homes that do not have gas connections. Additionally not being reliant on gas is allowing many Australians to convert there home completely off of gas. It is not only gas usage fees but also gas connection fees that hurt the wallets of everyday Aussies. Heat pump hot water systems are allowing our clients to say goodbye to gas connection fees.

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
    Heat pump systems use energy more efficiently than traditional gas and electric hot water systems. Lower energy usage contributes to helping our planet. 


  • Quiet Operation:
    Heat pump hot water systems operate very quietly. Some systems can even be installed indoors without bothering the occupants. 


  • Long Lifespan:
    Heat pump hot water systems have been known to out live their traditional hot water heating counterparts. With low maintenance and negligible ware and tare, a heat pump hot water system is an investment benefit you for the long run. 


  • Reduced Heat Loss:
    Heat pump water heaters are designed to minimise heat loss during water storage and maintain heat with very high efficiency. 

The Benefits of Heat Pump Hot Water

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Making sense of available financial rebates can be overwhelming.

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Addison Appliances are a Solar Victoria Approved Retailer & Installer

We offer rebates from:

  • Solar Victoria

  • STC (Small-scale technology certificates)

  • VEECS(Victorian energy efficiency certificates)

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Frequently asked questions:

"What sort of energy savings can I expect from converting to heat pump hot water?"
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