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Frequently asked Questions 

We hope to answer any questions you may have regarding heat pump hot water on this page. 

Do you have a questions that we have not answered?

Please do not hesitate to contact our team to assist you with any queries. 

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Frequently asked questions:

"What sort of energy savings can I expect from converting to heat pump hot water?"

Frequently Asked Questions


How do heat pump hot water systems work? 

Heat pump hot water systems extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water to heat it up. This is similar technology to that of a split system air conditioning system that you may have on your wall at home. Heat pump systems utilise refrigerant gases to run through a process of Evaporation, Heat Absorption, Compression, Heat Exchange, Condensation and then repeat the cycle. Click here to view the process in greater detail or click here to check out a really insightful diagram and description from our brand partner Enviroheat. 


What sort of energy savings could I expect to see if I convert to a heat pump hot water system?

Energy savings expected can vary from brand to brand and model to model however substantial energy savings can be expected from all of our products on offer.
Reclaim Energy products claim to reduce energy usage by 80% while our Enviroheat products claim to enable savings of up to 71% compared to a standard electric storage hot water system. 

Apricus Australia provide a really useful chart depicting their projected savings compared to a range of traditional water heating products. Click here to view Apricus Australia's usage comparison chart. 

The best resource for calculating expected energy and cost savings offered by any of our brand partners if by far Stiebel-Eltron's energy usage calculator. Click here to assess your potential usage savings with this useful tool. 


Can heat pump hot water systems be installed indoors? 

Yes heat pump hot water systems can be installed indoors. Heat pump hot water systems do not omit combustion gasses like that of their gas fuelled counterparts nor do they operate loudly. Our plumbers may require a couple of additional precautions as part of the installation method when installing indoors, however yes it is possible to install your heat pump inside of the home or garage. 


Do I need to have Addison run a new electrical circuit to power my new heat pump. 

Ok, so whether our electricians will need to run a new electrical circuit from your home's switch board for your new heat pump will depend on a couple of factors: 

A) Does the product you have selected require a 20 amp hard wired circuit or does the product simply require a 10 amp powerpoint to plug into? 

B) Is there a power source available at the location where the heat pump is to be installed? 

Of all our brands on offer only our Reclaim Energy branded systems require a 20amp dedicated circuit to be ran from the switch board. All of our other products on offer simply require a 10 amp power point to plug the system into.  

If you are installing one of our products that only requires a powerpoint plug we will only need to run an additional power feed if there is not a powerpoint already present at the location. If there is already a powerpoint available at this location then there will be no need to have our electricians involved in the installation as only our plumbers would be needed. If an electricians are not required and only our plumbers are to undertake the installation some costs savings can be passed on to the customer.  


What sort of rebates are available and will I be eligible to receive any rebates for my heat pump installation? 

In Victoria there are heat pump rebates on offer from three separate government bodies.

Solar Victoria rebates

STC rebates 

VEEC rebates

You do not have to choose between one or the other, in fact you may be eligible for rebates from all three government bodies. 

To learn more about the rebates on offer from the Victorian and Federal Government Click Here


I don't want to organise the rebates, can Addison help me with this process? 

Addison can handle the entire process of assessing rebate eligibility as well as processing the rebates for you. We may require you to fill out a simple eligibility form but apart from that we will handle all the heavy lifting. 

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Will Addison Dispose of my old hot water system?

We sure do! Our installers will remove the old hot water service and drop it off at a scrap metal yard for who will go on to recycle the old unit.We do not take packaging waster as we kindly ask our customers to dispose of this in their recycle bin.  


Will I be out of pocket while I wait for my rebates to be processed and reimbursed to me?

As long as you have been approved for financial rebates Addison will only charge for the out of pocket difference. Even in the case where the rebate has not yet been paid to Addison yet, our team will bear the cash flow burden of waiting for the rebates so that you don't have to!


The only exception to the rule is in instances where the supply and installation of the heat pump is of urgent priority and the customer wishes to proceed with the supply and install work before they have been approved for rebates. This may be the case for a customer who has had a traditional hot water system break down and who is eager to get the new system installed so they can once again enjoy a warm shower. 

In such a scenario the customer would be required to pay the full pre-rebates amount to Addison, however once approved and processed Addison will refund the customer the rebates they were granted.  


Could Addison assist me with installing a traditional hot water system?

Yes we certainly can! Our team of experienced plumbers and electricians are more than capable to assist in supply and installation of traditional gas or electrically powered hot water systems. 


What size heat pump hot water system is right for my family?

Click here to search our product range based on the capacity requirements of your household.


I am looking to electrify my home and ditch my gas supplier. Can Addison assist me with converting other appliances in my home?

Addison Appliances are electrifying victorian homes, one appliance at a time. 

In addition to reducing our customers utility bills through heat pump installations we are also very busy modernising kitchens by converting traditional cooking appliances to induction cooktops and electric ovens. Through the summers and winters we are allowing our clients to efficiently manage their climate control utilising split system air conditioning installation. 

For information regarding converting from gas to induction cooking click here to watch our video or click here to read our blog. 

In regards to split system air conditioning the most consequential considerations are understanding size requirements, choosing best installation locations and ensuring adequate power availability. Contact our team today to organise a site assessment for your split system air conditioning!


Does Addison stock Aussie heat pump products

Yes we do. Our Reclaim Energy (part of the Apricus Australia Group) are Australian made.   


What type of refrigerant gases do Addison's heat pumps run on?

Reclaim Energy products: CO2 Gas

Apricus Australia products: R290

Stiebel-Eltron products: R134a

Enviroheat products: R134a

Did we miss anything?
For any unanswered questions contact us today! 

Phone: 1300 870 742

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Making sense of available financial rebates can be overwhelming.

Allow our team to assess your eligibility and handle the administrative process for you.  

Contact Wendy today to easily check your eligibility 

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Call 1300 870 742 today.

Addison Appliances are a Solar Victoria Approved Retailer & Installer

We offer rebates from:

  • Solar Victoria

  • STC (Small-scale technology certificates)

  • VEECS(Victorian energy efficiency certificates)

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