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7 THINGS to KNOW before converting from gas to induction cooking.

Updated: Nov 11, 2023


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1. The old gas appliance must be decommissioned.

A gas fitter will be required to remove the old gas hot plate and isolate/cap off the gas supply pipe. This must be done by a trained professional.

2. The existing power point cannot be used.

Unfortunately, the powerpoint used to service the gas hot plate will not be adequate to supply the power needed to run an induction cooktop.

3. A new electrical circuit is required to be installed.

A licensed electrician will need to run a new electrical circuit (cable feed) from the switchboard of the home to the induction cooktop. This may include running the circuit through ceilings and walls or even under floors.

4. It is best to have your switchboard assessed before purchasing a product.

Not all switchboards can handle an induction cooktop. Please do not hesitate to send a photo of your switchboard to the Addison Appliances team and we can advise on product suitability or alert you to any extra requirements in advance.

5. An isolation switch is a legal requirement.

Regulation requires that the electrician installing the circuit to include an isolation switch that can cut the power to the induction system. The isolation switch must be installed within 2 meters from the induction cooktop. Electricians will often utilise an existing powerpoint location to Install the isolation switch.

6. Selecting a suitable sized cooktop is important to consider.

If the induction cooktop you purchase does not fit the existing cut out of the gas hot plate, further works may be required to modify/cut the bench. The good news is that Addison Appliances have a dedicated team available to help, including licensed stone cutting professionals.

7. Selecting a suitable sized cooktop is important to consider.

While regulation for gas hot plates require a minimum distance of 650mm between the burner and the rangehood above; induction cooktops are only required to have 600mm of clearance from the surface of cooktop to the rangehood above. Converting from gas to induction can sometimes allow our clients to achieve compliance on what would otherwise be noncompliant installations.

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